Behind A Smile (part 1) By Kayode Asulewon (PSTAR)


Dealing with a hideous personality can sometimes be irrigous like a seed planted on a desert land; which you have to irrigate for proper increment. Many find it too tedious to deal with their horrid egotism; but there is always a way out of every conundrum – so I tend to share a therapy you can undergo that will give you a pleasant and licit personality increment you can egotize; a beauty enhancement that somehow serve as a tool of generating peace in one’s heart, the tendency of experiencing favourable fortune in all ramifications of life. It is called “A Smile’’ many see smiling as an involuntary response to things that brings joy or laughter, although this remark is indubitably true, what most people look down upon is that smiling can be just more than a wilful response as conscious and powerful choice



Various scientific research have depicted that genuine smile is magnanimously considered desirable to others around us; Smiling makes you look more successful than you truly are – People who have the habit of smiling constantly are usually considered more reliable and more liable to approach, many have lost their job because of their egotism-they feel too big, too responsible, and too successful to open their teeth. Smiling is not just a facial expression when you smile at some he is liable to smile back at you because of the feelings of joy and acceptance that stupendously accompany a smile – for instance you are coming back from a trip late at night and you find the road too lonely and unsafe, the next thing that will strike your mind is to look for a nearby hotel or guest house when you get to a hotel and you meet the receptionist with a frown face you will get tired, worried and unaccepted. A receptionist who is yet to develop the habit of smiling is unqualified for the job, smiling make people believe in you, what you say and what you do, it’s a sign that you are happy.

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Smiling help you to stay healthy: There are copious, stupendous, and tremendous advantages of smiling, it makes you feel good, acceptable, loveable and enhance the tendency to remain positive.

You can’t be negatively active if your face is swallowed up by smile, I seriously want you to try this test; Think of something negative then begin to smile at it without losing focus; it’s almost impossible because of the emotional positivity that the smile have generated in your heart.

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